Property Management: 
RoseTerra Management LLC is a full-service management firm specializing in property operations, apartment transfer administration, regulatory compliance, energy procurement and construction project management. We provide our customers with services including but not limited to staff recruitment, preventive maintenance scheduling, budget preparation, cash management, energy benchmarking and regular as well as after-hour emergency coverage.

Project Management: 
When considering major capital projects for your assets, you want an advocate on your team that not only acts in your best interest but also has the depth and expertise to navigate through the complexities of major construction projects. The RoseTerra Project Management Team acts as your partner from a project’s inception to its completion. If you’re planning a large renovation or commercial construction project, we will be your advocate every step of the way. We manage negotiations, oversee construction, and ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. By acting as the Owner’s representative, we allow you to better leverage your resources and focus on your core business.

We work with you to develop the project team and help negotiate terms and schedules that favor your interests. We also provide ROI analysis to support your decision-making. During construction, we manage contractors, inspectors, designers, permits, and the thousands of details that make up a major project.